Sunday, April 08, 2007

the dried leaf...

if the wind blows to the south,
i will fly with the birds,
if the water is heading to the sea,
i will swim with the fish,

but for now,
i have found the direction that i want to go,
let me go,
and we will see again some other time...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

its about changing the path, learning from another dimension...

i've been thinking about it for the last 4 to 5 weeks whether to proceed or just settle in comfortable here and i have nothing to complain about the atmosphere. but i guess, after 3 years of blogging, ive made up my mind to change my dimension. nothing big, just want to try out something new and see how far could i go with the next one. thanks to anyone who drop by and leave something for me to remember. after all, now im experiencing the same old phenomena and im not surprised, though. all i can say here is, im happy with my decision and it is definite. where i will end up after this will be my personal quest through my learning curve. after all, i can say i've enjoyed every single moment that i spent here with the others and with few other loyal friends. you guys are great and i admire some of you. lets keep up sharing the thoughts and i guessed thats why TIME magazine picked us up as the person of the year in their recent publication. anyway enough is enough, lets "talk the talk" and "walk the walk". i hope to see you guys in another dimension and we'll the talk from there. adios crampes from the fattie elephantie......

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the second day of syawal...

well, the first Syawal was not to bad. it went smooth without me having to control my feeling although there's a point where i realized that this is my third year celebrating Eid far from my family. no point of hiding the feeling when everyone's share the same atmosphere and emotion.

after morning prayer, almost all of us went for a convoy to Uncle Danni's place. as usual, getting lost is common for people who never been to his place. it's not our fault by the way, the road sign to his place disappear thus we could no locate the road. after all its a worth journey to West Moonah. we were served with bryani rice, 'nasi himpit' (sounds funny a lil' bit when you type it), masak lodeh, ayam masak merah, tahu goreng cili and the thing that you will never miss even though you are in Hobart, jem tart (man, this is classic, pure classic when you can see everyone aim at the same thing). after all, we had a good laugh and chat with Uncle Danni and his wife. i wish i could provide photo here, but to lazy to get it from my friend.

after uncle danni's place, all of us, totaling of 6 cars with roughly 5 peoples in it, we head to Maksu's place. well, as raya is all about food, the same thing goes with this visit. serving us with rice, popedum, chicken curry and plenty of dessert, none of us could actually stand up and walk from the lounge area to the kitchen. to me, after three years of celebrating raya with not so many people in the previous year i would officially declare that this is one of the best i ever had. although the number is not so big, we share the excitement and experience. thanks people for the effort and to all the people who actually celebrating their last raya in hobart this year, you guys are the best. may Allah, with His will, one day grant us the opportunity to celebrate raya together again.

surprisingly in Australia, only Sydney, Tasmania and probably all over Victoria celebrate their Eidulfitri yesterday. for Queensland and Western Australia, they celebrate their Eid today. not to sure about Northern Territory and ACT but im sure if its not yesterday, it should be today.

well, to my family and relatives back home, Eid Mubarak and may this year Ramadhan is one the best for all of us. forgive me for all the mistakes and all the bad deeds that i've done previously and hopefully in future as well. i'm just a normal human being lacking in many things. to all my friends, brothers and sisters, regardless of your background and belief, either from the real world or from the virtual world, Eid Mubarak and forgive me for all my bad deeds as well. im just a friend with many duties, and on top of that with bad memories, i hope you guys could forgive me. thanks guys.

today is the second day of ramadhan and im back on my computer, trying to finish my essay. i have exactly 10 minutes before i can call my mom, brother and sister to wish them Eid Mubarak and say what i want to say. alrighty guys, have a good Eid Mubarak and have a good day. salam to all of you from me in Hobart, Tasmania.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

antara kuasa, kesetiaan dan keadilan...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
darjat menjadi ukuran,
kepatuhan menjadi pegangan,
darah menjadi percaturan...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
antara bertiga,
dua berkawan, satu menjadi tuan,
satu mati bertahan, dua hidup tak keruan...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
bicara menjadi debat,
pegangan menjadi hujah,
akhirnya satu nyawa musnah...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
satu berhati daulat,
satu berhati setia,
satu berkorban nyawa...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
mereka sama,
warna, bangsa dan agama,
kenapa bersengketa....

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
yang berkuasa mahu dipuaskan,
yang berkemahuan rela berkorban,
yang percaya pada keadilan hilang kawan...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
yang dipatuhi tidak boleh disangkal,
yang setia rela mengalah,
yang adil tidak mahu berserah...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
berkuasa tidak menjamin kesetiaan,
kesetian tidak menjamin isi habuan,
keadilan tidak bermaksud hati diturutkan...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
untuk yang mendengar, melihat dan mentafsir,
bukan sekadar sejarah hiasan,
tapi buat bekalan santapan warisan...

sultan, tuah dan jebat,
sebuah hikayat,
atau satu peringatan,
atau hanya seloka buatan...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

a person...

i had chat with a friend the other day. probably after long hour of reading and struggling to finish my major essay, it caused me to asked such weird question to my friend and created a confusion. alrighty, this the question that i asked my friend and now i would like to put up here, the same question and see if anyone interested to get them self involve in such confusion:

"If i want to be a person, what sort of person i want to be?" and "If you want know me as a person, what sort of person you want to know?"

Probably to some people, it is not a significant issue to be acquainted with. However to me, this is the first step that i as a person or probably all of us, need to overcome before we look up to the next thing which is, "How to be that person?". Normally (pardon me if im wrong), we set ourself to be a person in relation to what others want us to be look like or to behave. The way we talk, we dress, we eat and even the way we walk or stand. Is it wrong?, NO. Is it right?, the same answer, NO. The right or wrong can only be answered by the person itself who let other to judge or set them. We, as the audience only know how to appreciate what suit us on others capabilities to follow. We sometimes ignore the needs that the person requires. Although we realise this, we never do anything but on top of that, we keep on criticize others and expressed our disliking.

Are we responsible to any critics that we made on others? YES, we do. We as the criticizer, normaly disregard this and always behave cowardly towards our own critics. Are there any difference between critics and opinions? YES. Interestingly, this is what Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2004 provides as the meaning for critic and opinion;

[kríttik](plural crit·ics)


1. somebody judging something: somebody who makes a judgment about or
an appraisal of something or somebody and gives comments
2. writer of reviews: somebody, especially a journalist, who writes or broadcasts opinions on the quality of things such as drama productions, art exhibitions, and literary works
3. somebody who finds fault: somebody who does not like something or somebody, or who finds fault with something or somebody

[Mid-16th century. Via Latin from Greek kritikos “discerning,” from kritēs “judge,” from krinein (see crisis).]

o·pin·ion [ə pínnyən](plural o·pin·ions)


1. personal view: the view somebody takes about a certain issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment.
2. estimation: a view regarding the worth of somebody or something.
3. expert view: an expert assessment of something
4. body of generally held views: general assessment, judgment, or evaluation.
5. [law] conclusion of fact: a conclusion drawn from observation of the facts

[14th century. Via French from the Latin stem opinion- from opinari “to suppose.”]

be a matter of opinion to be open to dispute or debate

be of the opinion that to think that something is the case

therefore, the question that we need to ask ourself now is (although this is not a sequence to the previous question but it's related to the topic), "Are we ready to behave appropriately to any critics that we give out?". If we are not ready to be responsible for any critics that we gave on others and sometimes in order not to be seen as an enemy, we paraphrased it to, "it is not a critic; it is rather just a plain and honest opinion". Mate, may i suggest to you to think critically, twice or more before you spit it out and create confusions.

there is nothing wrong to critics or to give out your opinions. we can and definitely no one can stop us from doing so. but people, think before you say. the impact of what we say on others will actually reflect our personality. well i guess, the reason why i share my thought on this particular issue is because, after going through some experience in the past and unintentionally i witnessed other peoples experience, it moves me to summed up what i think and share it.

anyway, what i think and what i belief is open for anyone to critic or to add their own opinion. it's just that, we need to know what we want to say and understand it before someone critic us back.

p/s: ramadhan al-mubarak, antara sedar sudah hampir ke penghujung...antara sedar, banyak mana amalan telah aku lakukan dan banyak mana telah aku pelajari dari pengalaman kali ini...

Monday, October 09, 2006

the more the merrier...come and integrate...


p/s: this will be an opportunity for everyone to see the real "physical" outlook of "everyone"....hmmm, i wonder how everyone will "look" like and i wonder what "language" they speak....

Monday, October 02, 2006

news from hobart...

its been a while i didt put any post here. lately too busy with commitments, life and school. too many things to read and to many stuff need to be done. while life is fully occupied with this and that especially uni assignments, i still have time to relax and play Hexic online, went for driving and on top of that, work. this is crazy and this mad but as time move from one frame to another, the same thing apply to me.

it ramadhan again and without my realisation, this is the 3rd year of me celebrating Ramadhan and Aidulfitri away from family. feel any different? nah. but i must say that the feeling is the one who will always destroy the ego. maybe the time will come, maybe not. anyway, let me take this opportunity to greet everyone, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak and at the same time asking for forgiveness from everyone. being a human is easy, but to be a human who carries obligation, its always a bitter experience. but like what some people say, No Pain No Gain.

i have another 3 weeks before the big day arrive and as usual, the panic attack is here again to crush me and to make me feel like an empty jar. i hope i will be able fully utilise the time given to fill up the jar and face the big day. i hope with the barakah from the month of ramadhan, i will be able to be there, equip.

anyway, thats all for now. need to get back to my work and get my self ready for dinner. for all muslims out there, happy fasting and may all of us be bless by Allah for this special month.

p/s: waktu-waktu begini, kalau dipasang lagu sudirman, bisa mengalir air mata...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is China a threat to regional stability in the Asia Pacific?

It would be yes with respect to China growing capabilities and capacities as a world giant, economically and politically. With the growth in military armaments and the capability to manufacture nuclear weapons, China can be considered as a threat to the region. However few conditions need to be created in order to see how China can be a threat to the region.

It will be possible if;

- Taiwan decides to confront China requesting for independence and change their name into Republic of Taiwan. China as conventional has been firm on their interest on Taiwan and any immediate request from Taiwan will only worsen the situation. On the other hand, U.S has stated undoubtedly that they against any physical attack by China on Taiwan, it can be presume that if this clashes is happening, it will shake the relationship between China with its ASEAN neighbors, worsen their tension relationship with their long-lasting rivalry, Japan and in particular with the U.S. This will also invite the participation of South Korea in the dispute due to their position as U.S allies in East Asia.

- By having India and Pakistan as country with nuclear weapon capability in Asia will also increase the probability of China becoming the threat to Asia Pacific. Any border dispute between these three big Asia giant is enough to put the world on a shaky condition. Although India have never directly demonstrate their support to U.S regarding any issue that involve China, however this could be amended as a repayment to the U.S due to its favoring action on India in acknowledging them as a nuclear power state. While North Korea is assumed to have developed nuclear weapon, China has shown their reluctance to lay any pressure on them and this has also annoyed U.S. China with its aim to be at the par with U.S in current world affair will sooner or later use their capacity to stand off from any pressure created by U.S.

- Disputes among ASEAN country members and China about maritime border becoming unpleasant. Currently China is claiming a large area of South China Sea as their maritime territory however due historical matter, this issue remains disputed. Although the impact of this crisis will not affect the Asia Pacific region greatly, it can be predicted that if China does not handle this issue cautiously, it will trigger tension between China and countries within South China Sea. It is know that within this maritime territory, Philippines and Taiwan are among the claimers and having to have this two country involve in a dispute will only encourage the involvement of the U.S.

- i welcome anyone to have a say about this issue. this is an analysis base on international current affair and it represent my own analysis. therefore, please do not feel offended with it and i apologies for any inconveniene caused by it.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

when there is a will, there is away...

Oil fuelling Islamic finance sector

Sunday 24 September 2006, 8:15 Makka Time, 5:15 GMT

The Islamic finance sector is prospering due to a growing demand from investors, both Muslim and non-Muslim, and the flow of oil money from the Gulf.

Analysts estimate that the Islamic finance sector - which complies with Sharia law based on the Quran - is now worth up to $500 billion, compared to $200 billion two years ago.
Islamic retail banks and investment funds now number in the hundreds and financial institutions in non-Muslim countries, including Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Lloyds TSB and UBS, are increasingly choosing to offer products that are compatible with Sharia law Islamic finance bans the earning and payment of interest and forbids investment in businesses linked to the alcoholic drinks and gambling industries.

Japan will be the first major industrialised country to issue Islamic bonds if the Japan Bank for International Cooperation goes ahead with a plan aimed at attracting money from oil-rich Muslim countries.

'Better than ever'

"The [Islamic finance] industry is doing better than ever," said Rodney Wilson, director of post-graduate Islamic studies at Durham University in the northeast of England. "There is a lot of money flowing into the Islamic finance institutions and conventional banks which are also offering Islamic finance products. It's obviously related to the high price of oil and the money flowing into the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates".
Investments into the Gulf region are increasingly complying with Sharia law such as the building of a so-called economic city north of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia at a cost of $27 billion.
Islamic finance is also growing in southeast Asia. Earlier this month, the central bank of Malaysia said it planned to conduct Islamic financial business in international currencies to help increase investment from abroad.

Savings accounts

"The [Islamic finance] industry is doing better than ever". Rodney Wilson, director of postgraduate Islamic studies at Durham University, EnglandModern Islamic capitalism was created in Egypt during the early 1960s with the introduction of savings accounts. But in the 1990s it really took off with the development of Sharia investment funds. One area of Islamic finance which is burgeoning is the bond market, with much of the investment coming from non-Muslim overseas investors, according to a recent study by a London-based law firm. During the first half of 2006, the value of issued Islamic bonds, or sukuk, more than doubled to $4.585 billion, according to Trowers and Hamlins, whose offices abroad are based mainly in the Gulf region. Earlier this month, the Kuwait Finance House launched the first sukuk in China to finance construction of a power station, whose profits will be shared among investors.

Oil wealth

"There has been a huge inflow of oil wealth into Islamic investment funds which are, naturally enough, seeking Islamically-compliant vehicles, such as sukuks, in which to channel funds"Neale Downes, a partner at Trowers and Hamlins "There has been a huge inflow of oil wealth into Islamic investment funds which are, naturally enough, seeking Islamically-compliant vehicles, such as sukuks, in which to channel funds," said Neale Downes, a partner at Trowers and Hamlins. "Foreign investors represent an increasingly dominant segment of the market for Islamically-compliant debt. What is really significant is that they are now comfortable buying corporate sukuk and not just those issued by sovereign borrowers," he added.
The influence of Islamic finance is spreading across the world.

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association recently signed a deal with the International Islamic Financial Market, based in Bahrain, to define Islamic standards. While the leading Islamic speculative fund, Algo Al-Qayyim Fund, was approved in February to operate on the British island of Jersey. And according to a study last year by London South Bank University, the European property market is the preferred investment area for Islamic funds.

get this from

Sunday, September 17, 2006

in the kitchen...

when there is a crack in a wall,
when there is a wind that blow,
we should know that,
there is nowhere a secret can be kept safe...

p/s: we never think what we might encounter later but we always keep ourself aware that danger is everywhere and there is nowhere we can excuse from meeting it...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

antara aku dan DIA...

sehari-harian aku mencari erti kehidupan, malah mungkin bukan seharian malah sepanjang kehidupan aku yang aku ingat. antara ingat atau lupa, banyak sudah pengalaman yang aku tempuh, samada berseorangan atau berkeluarga, tetapi selalunya berseorangan. pernah aku diajukan soalan, kenapa aku tidak berkongsi masalah tetapi hanya memilih untuk berkongsi kegembiraan dengan keluarga. persoalan itu hanya aku jawab hanya DIA yang sanggup mendengar permasalahan aku. hanya DIA yang akan membantu aku kelak tatkala semua manusia sibuk mencari menusia lain untuk melangsaikan 'hutang' dunia. aku pasti yang ada disitu hanya DIA dan DIA lah yang akan menentukan duka dan gembira aku.

keluarga hanya sementara malah keluarga hanya sebuah simbolik untuk perpaduan. tanpa keluarga, tiada institusi yang bisa berdiri tegak. walaupun aku sedar aku punya keluarga tetapi yang pasti sejarah tidak dapat aku perbaiki. sejarah hanya akan sah apabila ia diterima dengan rela. sejarah aku masih belum dan sukar untuk diterima malah sejarah aku pernah dihina oleh orang yang aku sayang. tetapi selama ini DIA yang membantu aku sehingga aku berdiri tegak di bumi asing. hanya DIA yang tahu mengapa aku disini. kitab yang dikarang oleh DIA adalah muktamad dan aku rela malah tanpa paksa aku terima.

sering kali aku terduduk apabila cuba menjawab persoalan hidup. mampukah aku berdiri sekali lagi untuk berdepan dengan persoalan hidup. suku abad tidak menandakan aku kuat didalam menjawab soalah hidup. hidupnya aku selama suku abad, hanya berdiri lagi bersendiri dan kadang-kadang dihiasi dengan carutan, hukuman dan penghinaan tatkala aku baru setahun jagung mengenal apa itu hidup, keluarga dan saudara mara.

makin jauh aku pergi, makin mudah untuk aku fahami kenapa aku disini. walaupun aku sekadar menumpang kasih didunia, DIA tidak pernah menjadikan aku sebahagian daripada penumpang. aku tidak pernah kenal erti ayah dan aku tidak pernah diperkenalkan erti sejarah hidup. yang yang telah diperkenalkan kepada aku ialah, perasaan beban dan rasa malu kerana kewujudan aku adalah kerana itu. tetapi DIA 'mengajar' aku bahwa, yang aku cari ialah kegembiraan akhirat dan bukan kegembiraan dunia. mungkin aku tidak akan mengetahui sejarah hidup aku yang sebenarnya, tetapi setiap hari yang aku lalui, aku sering bertanya kepada DIA, siapa aku dan kenapa aku dilahirkan dengan sejarah sedemikian rupa. tidak pernah aku sesali kewujudan aku, tetapi kesedihan akan timbul apabila sejarah hidup aku dipermainkan oleh orang yang aku sayangi dan dia merupakan sebahagian daripada sejarah itu. selama suku abad, aku hidup didalam teka-teki dan yang sering menjadi korban ialah perasaan seorang anak kecil yang hidup mudanya tidak pernah diperkenalkan siapa 'sejarahnya'.

untuk yang disayang, sebagai seorang dewasa,pengorbanan yang telah dibuat memanglah besar tetapi fahamilah, untuk seorang anak kecil mengorbankan kegembiraannya sewaktu kecil menghadapi setiap persoalan mengenai sejarah awalnya, adalah sesuatu yang amat memalukan dan mahu dielakkan dan jika mati itu adalah sebagai jawapan terakhir, mungkin itu yang akan dilaksanakan.

mungkin DIA tahu apa yang terbaik untuk aku dan aku redha dengan apa yang telah ditentukan oleh DIA. aku tidak punya siapa kecuali seorang yang aku sayangi dan DIA. sekiranya aku pergi dahulu, DIA lah tempat aku mengadu dan DIA lah tempat untuk aku memohon pertolongan. aku tidak pernah bertanya malah sering mengelak untuk bertanya, bukan kerana takut, bukan kerana malu tetapi kerana ingin mejaga hati dan perasaan seorang dewasa yang telah berkorban untuk anak kecilnya. untuk yang tidak pernah mengalaminya, mudah untuk mereka mengatakan bahawa orang lain juga mempunyai sejarah yang sama, tetapi pernahkan mereka laluinya. ingin juga aku padamkan sejarah hidup aku agar tidak dipersoalkan lagi tetapi bisakah ia dilakukan.

untuk yang mengetahui diri aku, sedarlah, antara paksa atau rela, sejarah tidak pernah menipu tatepi yang menipu adalah sang penulis sejarah. terserahlah bagaimana sejarah itu hendak dikarang, tapi ingat yang hidup akan mati dan tatkala masa itu sampai, DIA lah penentu segalanya.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

49 tahun...

telah berlalu tahun itu,
telah berlalu sejarah itu,
hampir lupa kita siapa dia,
hampir lupa kita kemana dia...

masa itu umpama angin,
datang dan pergi,
tidak berbau lagi tidak berwarna,
hanya kehadirannya terasa...

darah yang tumpah tidak tertakung,
tubuh yang gugur umpama hamparan buruk,
keringat yang mengalir tidak terhenti,
nyawa taruhan, negara dipertahankan...

selama itu kita disini,
selama itu kita tidak bersendiri,
selama itu kita berdiri,
berlari dan berdikari...

ada apa pada rupa dan paras,
jika maruah negara dan bangsa tidak terdukung,
apa melayu itu 'malas',
apa melayu itu 'kudung'...

49 tahun sudah berlalu,
kita berdiri dan lagi bersendiri,
melaung perjuangan agama, negara dan bangsa melayu,
salam MERDEKA untuk ibu pertiwi...


Friday, August 18, 2006


aku seorang,
dari lahir hingga sekarang,
mencari apa yang perlu dicari,
berkaki ayam, berarang tangan...

aku seorang,
lelah tak tersuara,
sakit tak berlagu,
merintih untuk perhatian...

aku seorang,
punya apa?,
hanya sekadar peminjam,
sampai waktu, pulang...

aku seorang,
kenal tidak apa itu sayang,
hati buta cintakan dunia,
kesal tak sudah, tiada harga...

aku seorang,
lagi mendayung,
perahu usang lagi berlobang,
hanya tawakal, pengubat bisa...

aku seorang,
punya hutang,
nyawa umpama taruhan,
kalah menang, apa yang membezakan...

aku seorang,
punyai emak,
hanya emak,
dan tiada lain selain emak...

Monday, August 14, 2006

the agreement to end fighting...

Today, 14th August 2006, is the official day for Israel - Hezbollah War to be halt after Israel government "agrees" to United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a cessation of hostilities with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon. Another reason for the world to start counting again, before another war break between Israel and the Arabs continues. Not being a pessimist, but rather be alert and aware for any possibilities. As the world push for a peace agreement between the two through its international organisation, the UN, it would be my best interest to see how far this agreement can stretch itself in order to prevent any new war between two parties (or three?) and how will the UN handle such crisis when their capability and credibility is under scrutinise.

If we would like to understand the crisis from another angle, this war is actually between a non-states actor which is Hezbollah (although Hezbollah reside in Lebanon territory, they dont represent the state) against a states actor, Israel. From here, we can understand that, Israel, due to their commitment to the UN as a member, it would be likely for them to cease fire under UN "persuasion". Here we can also see that, how desperate it is for the UN to find way to halt the war before the world turn their back against the UN.

As we go futher, another question arise, would Hezbollah do the same thing. As a non-states actors, it can be clearly understood that they have no obligation to the UN, they have no reason to obey to UN or to the world and this can be assume that they are "free" to change the situation again whenever they are ready, as long as they willing to face the consequence.

According to ABS-CBN Interactive online news, the death toll ratio between the Lebanese and the Israel soldier is 1 : 100. Although this ratio may not be accurate, it can be assume that the ratio of civilians that died during this war is true based on daily reports by newspaper all around the world. If we would like to think like a normal civilian, we might question ourself, Why the civilian? or Why this war broke up? or Where and when will it stop?. Who have the power to halt or prevent it from happening again? or Am I next?

With no prejudice or bias, I'm blessed to be far from the war but at the same time I feel guilty whenever I read the newspaper or listen to the news on tele about the war, either the Palestine-Israel War or the Lebanon-Israel War, killing all my potential Muslims brothers and sisters. I keep on asking myself, "What will happen to the Muslims in the next 10 or 20 years?". Should we change our Jihad approach or could we use another Jihad method, instead of "sacrificing" all our potential Muslims scientist, leaders, teachers or parents, why dont we try to educate ourself and others to design and work for a better Muslims spheres where dispute among the Muslims or non-Muslims is at the lowest level. It may sound Utopian, but if we really believe that everything is by Allah permission, why must we have doubt. We have Quran and Hadith, and we have many Muslims scholars with great knowledge but I must say that, partly, I agree with my dear friend Bangku when he wrote that part of the reason why we failed to maintain our unity when we unite is because "...we organize too much so-called "intellectual discourses" which are in reality are the sources of disagreement and weakness, rather than strength and unity.".

May Allah bless the decision and effort made by the Lebanon goverment, the Lebanese people and for all the people who work to maintain the peace in this world. With Allah permission, peace will reveal itself to humankind.

Friday, August 11, 2006

in my fragile state...

i guess every moment have its own reason to exist. to interpret each second will require one a substantial knowledge. moment past us by without us having the capability to stop it from fading away. we see things when we never expect it to happened. we want to know something that what we want to know but the reality is what we should know is what we try to avoid the most. well i gueass, my journey have tought me something that i never wish. my journey have brought me to a place that i never dreamed. my journey introduced me to people that i want and dont want to meet.

will this journey be safe all the way or will this journey make me travel through a winding road, i never know. the path is visible when you step on it but as you travel, the path remain as how it should be. we listen to what we listen, we see what we see. we love what we love but love is something that we never own. may time permit me to learn from others and others to benefit from me.